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Re: 1.1.7 Windows version


To be more exact, I previously had "LANG en" defined as a /user /variable which had apparently worked. So after RN 1.1.8b came up using German, I added "LANGUAGE en" as a /system /variable and now RN displays in English.

Ok, I installed 1.1.8b on another Windows 7 computer and it suffices to have a /user /environment variable defined (Windows 7 lets you set either), but it must be LANGUAGE and not LANG (which worked in 1.1.6).

I guess it's my mistake as while the RedNotebook help text does say use LANG or LANGUAGE at the beginning of the section, it uses LANGUAGE in the Windows (XP?) example.

I was going to add an example here for the help text for Windows 7, but I think the directions already given are clear enough. Step 1 would be "Right-click My Computer and click Properties, then Advanced System Settings", but everyone should be able to figure that out. Plus I'd have to guess what the terms are called in English, as I have a German system.

- Bob

On 25.07.2011 08:12, Bob Paulson wrote:
For some reason I had to add a new LANGUAGE environment variable to get back to English on my German system, the old one had apparently disappeared.

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