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Re: 1.1.7 Windows version


Hi all,
I have compiled a new Windows installer (1.1.8b) that should fix the error below. Also no data is overwritten anymore. It would be great to get some feedback from you, before I release it to the public. Be sure to backup your data first however. Does it start correctly and load your entries?

Here it is: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4780737/rednotebook-1.1.8b1.exe

Thanks for your help,

Am 14.07.2011 04:20, schrieb Jendrik Seipp:
Hello all,
a RedNotebook user apparently had some trouble with the new Windows installer. There seems to be something wrong with the libyaml library causing RedNotebook to be unable to read the journal files. Did anyone else experience that? Before you start the new RedNotebook version on Windows, please make sure you backup your journal folder (C:\Docs & Settings\username\.rednotebook\data by default) externally (just copy the folder somewhere safe).

Please make backups regularly.


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