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Re: [Question #228835]: the compressed result is not the same


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Didier Barvaux proposed the following answer:
> Another question is that how much is the elapsed time of each packet
> in the test_performance.c ? did you test it ,I wonder whether I got a
> elapsed value. thank you.

The test_performance.c program computes the average time needed to
process one ROHC packet. You need to give it a PCAP capture of non-
compressed (resp. compressed) packet to benchmark the ROHC compression
(resp. decompression).

No PCAP capture is provided for this program because one wants to
benchmark its own use case (data, VoIP, video streaming, mixed
content...). You can create a network capture in the PCAP format on your
local network with tools such as tcpdump or wireshark. For best
accuracy, please ensure that the PCAP capture contains a large number of
packets (100000 or more).


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