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Re: [Question #233262]: can rohc run in fedora? how to get rohc-tcp src?


Question #233262 on rohc changed:

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sleepswallow is still having a problem:
      thank Dider very much:)

On the other up-to-date Linux:
   $ tar xvzf didier-barvaux_rohc_main-r776.tgz
   $ cd didier-barvaux_rohc_main-r776/
   $ ./autogen.sh--disable-rohc-tests --disable-rohc-stats \
       --disable-doc --disable-linux-kernel-module --disable-app-fuzzer \
       --disable-app-performance --disable-app-sniffer --disable-app-tunnel
   $ make dist

Transmit the generated rohc-1.7.0~776.tar.bz2 archive on the Fedora 8 machine, then:
   $ tar xvjf rohc-1.7.0~776.tar.bz2
   $ cd rohc-1.7.0~776
   $ ./configure
   $ make clean
   $ make all

   first: I   make it under your  upper approach, make out  rohc-1.7.0~776.tar.bz2 under fedora 18(I  have installed fedora 18 and fedora 8) and copy  rohc-1.7.0~776.tar.bz2 to fedora8 , make all is good and no error.
 but ,I want to know  where the library is , because I have not find it ; and how to test  it because I have  disable-rohc-tests --disable-rohc-stats \       --disable-doc --disable-linux-kernel-module --disable-app-fuzzer \
       --disable-app-performance --disable-app-sniffer --disable-app-tunnel?

another question:
        I  build the didier-barvaux_rohc_main-r776.tgz on my fedora18,  use ./autogen.sh (all configure is enabled of autogen.sh), there is error :
 checking pcap.h usability ..... no
checking pcap/pcap.h presence ....no
checking for pcap/pcap.h .....no
checking for pcap-open-offing in lpcap    ...no
checking for  pcap-dump-close in lpcap ....no
error: libpcap library/headers  not found

 I want to know how to resolve these question; I need to down the
libpcap library ?

 other qusetions:
> 1、I want to test the comprsession effect of RTP+UDP+IPv6,UDP+IPv6
> and TCP+IPv6 packet header ,how to design the test case and
> programming , or you can provide me some testing code?

Have a look at the statistics tool located in the statistics/ subdirectory in sources.
  can I  use  the command to test? eg: gcc *.c  -o filenam 
or if the rohc library is build fine ,can I  program the source file  to run and test by call the function of the rohc libray ?

> 2、 I want insert the rohc library to linux kernel ,how to do it ?

Use the --enable-linux-kernel-module configure option. Then, build with
make all as usual.

   I find the  linux catalogue in library, I want to know how use  this module in kernel ? eg: the  packets from the application 
is  IP packet, then call the rohc module to compressor the ip packet ,if not , send to the device under no compressor ?
or other way?


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