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Re: [Question #233262]: can rohc run in fedora? how to get rohc-tcp src?


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Didier Barvaux proposed the following answer:

> but ,I want to know where the library is , because I have not find it ;

The .so files of the library are generated in src/common/.libs/, src/comp/.libs/, and src/decomp/.libs/.
You can install them on your system with the 'make install' command. There will be installed in /usr/local/lib/ by default. You can change the path with the --prefix option to configure.

> and how to test it because I have disable-rohc-tests [...] ?

Replace --disable-rohc-tests by --enable-rohc-tests on the Fedora 8
system to run tests on it. Then, use the make check' command to run
them. You'll need to have libpcap library and headers installed.

> another question:
>         I build the didier-barvaux_rohc_main-r776.tgz on my fedora18,
> use ./autogen.sh (all configure is enabled of autogen.sh), there is error :
>  .....
>  checking pcap.h usability ..... no
> checking pcap/pcap.h presence ....no
> checking for pcap/pcap.h .....no
> checking for pcap-open-offing in lpcap ...no
> checking for pcap-dump-close in lpcap ....no
> error: libpcap library/headers not found
> I want to know how to resolve these question; I need to down the libpcap library ?

There is an additional message after the error message you mention. That message reads:
      Go get it from http://www.tcpdump.org/ or use the --with-libpcap-* 
      options, if you have it installed in unusual place. Also check if
      it depends on another shared library that may be installed in an
      unusual place.

So, _yes_, you need to install libpcap library and header files. The
package repositories of Fedora 8 probably contain packages named libpcap
and libpcap-devel (or the like) that you may install.

> Have a look at the statistics tool located in the statistics/
> subdirectory in sources. can I use the command to test?
> eg: gcc *.c -o filenam
> or if the rohc library is build fine ,can I program the source
> file to run and test by call the function of the rohc libray ?

Use the --enable-rohc-stats option to configure. You need libpcap and gnuplot installed.
Then run make check -C statistics/  and load the statistics/html/index.html HTML file in your favorite browser.

>   I find the linux catalogue in library, I want to know how use this
> module in kernel ? eg: the packets from the application
> is IP packet, then call the rohc module to compressor the ip packet,
> if not , send to the device under no compressor ?
> or other way?

There are 2 different kernel modules:
 - rohc.ko that exports the ROHC library in kernel space,
 - rohc_test.ko that provides an example of use of the functions exported by rohc.ko.


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