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Re: [Question #234822]: How to run and execute the rohc sources


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Didier Barvaux proposed the following answer:
Hi Rockzstar,

>     I have downloaded the the version rohc-1.6.1.  And i have done
> "./confiure" it is creating make file in the src directory. When i do
> Make, it is compiling successfully. But i didn't see any exe file.
> Where is the exe file will create. And how to execute the
> application.

The ROHC library is a library, so the main target is the 3 librohc_*.so
library files, not executables. However there are some tools or side-
projects that may interest you (see below).

> For example, if i want to compress the data, is it like
> this, $ exefile inputfile outputfile. where input file is to be
> compress date and outfile is compressed data.

See the non-regression tool:

> And one more i noticed
> in this forum most of the members were discussing about sending the
> data through client and server system,Whether this application does
> that also.

See those tools:
- IP/ROHC tunnel: http://rohc-lib.org/wiki/doku.php#ip_rohc_tunnel
- IP over UDP tunnel: http://rohc-lib.org/wiki/doku.php#rohc_over_udp_tunnel


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