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Re: Compression forced down to IR state


I've attached the capture. I thought my team's previous experiment was quite heavy for the network to handle, so it might have been stuck for other reasons. Made the rate twice slower, capture is attached. Maybe this is to do with my traffic, sides report lots of BAD CRC and MALFORMED though don't get stuck.


Can't build rohc_sniffer, when try building with for gcc, I get stuck into general rohc-2.1.0 build issue. This is it,

test_tcp_ts_opt.c: In function ‘main’:
test_tcp_ts_opt.c:143:26: error: array type has incomplete element type ‘struct CMUnitTest’
  const struct CMUnitTest tests[] = {

Strange, as I did build it with cmocka-0.3.2 before and it doesn't have CMUnitTest struct?! Might be an inclusion problem and change is sources, e.g. cmocka.h.  I reckon one thing which can explain it, that I've started using cmocka-1.1.1 as well, for other apps. A mix-up maybe...

The most annoying thing here is, that even when tried to change the cmocka to 1.1.1 it persists in configure/build scripts of the rohc-2.1.0 package. I am not sure how to clean the library properly, please advise?


On 10/06/18, 1:15 AM, "Didier Barvaux" <didier@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    >Nope. I did not enable it in features and I do set arrival time before
    >compress4. I now see that I should have enabled it but that wouldn't
    >have helped me much as I'd originally intended this for traffic moving
    >in O-Mode. From reading the lib code, I see this is done only for
    >U-Mode, which makes sense. Correct?
    Yes, your understanding is correct. Regular context refreshes are not used in O-Mode.
    > Anyway, my O-Mode sessions do get
    >stuck sometimes, e.g. when opening a remote SSH/TCP and doing e.g.
    >"top" every sec in it. Originally, I thought to quickly try that "time
    >refresh" to maybe find why the contexts get stuck(?) in this state.
    Are there any decompression failures reported by the rohc_decompress3() function? 
    Is the problem reproducible ? If yes, please send me a network capture of the uncompressed SSH session that gets stuck.
    You may also run the sniffer application (found under app/sniffer/ in library sources) to check the correct compression/decompression of any traffic captured on a given network interface. All streams are recorded on disk, so in case of failure, the faulty stream may be used for analysis/debug. See https://rohc-lib.org/support/documentation/API/rohc-man-2.2.0/man1/rohc_sniffer.1.html for more information.

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