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Re: Cleaning Up Package Titles/Descriptions


OK, here it is:

Package Name

A suite of free administrative software for schools.
schooltool-2009 is the standard distribution of SchoolTool components
providing a running web-based student information system for a single
school, including calendaring, student enrollment and demographics,
gradebooks, attendance, intervention tracking and reporting.

Standard tools and infrastructure used by SchoolTool servers.
Configuration files, init scripts and other things all SchoolTool servers need.

A competency tracking system built on SchoolTool
CanDo is an web-based application that allows teachers and
administrators to manage, track and report student acquisition of
competencies during a course.

Defines a standard SchoolTool configuration.
This is a legacy configuration still used within the standard
distribution of SchoolTool.

An attendance and class participation component for SchoolTool.
SchoolTool Lyceum Journal is part of the standard distribution of SchoolTool.

A component for SchoolTool to help plan and manage student interventions.
With SchoolTool Intervention, teachers and other stakeholders can
define a plan of action for a student, track progress toward goals and
faciliate communication around these issues.
SchoolTool Intervention is part of the standard distribution of SchoolTool.

A gradebook component for SchoolTool.
SchoolTool Gradebook includes a point-based gradebook for all teachers
in the school, and a facility to aggregate grades and other
assessments from each teacher to generate reports.
SchoolTool Gradebook is part of the standard distribution of SchoolTool.

A CAS authentication plugin for SchoolTool.
This allows users to authenticate to SchoolTool via a CAS server.  A
functioning local CAS server is also required.

Python libraries used by SchoolTool.
python-schooltool is the core of SchoolTool's source code, necessary
to run a SchoolTool server.

Python libraries used by CanDo.
python-cando is the core of CanDo's source code, necessary to run a
CanDo server.

Did I miss anything?  Typos?


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