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Current and Upcoming Releases


Hi All,

We pushed a small bugfix release to SchoolTool Gradebook last week:


Most noticeably, it fixes a bug where the gradebook failed to return
to the last section accessed.

There is also a contribution from user David Burke which stops the
gradebook from submitting the form when you hit Enter, but instead
moves the active cell down, like a regular spreadsheet.


We've pushed packages for the upcoming Ubuntu Maverick release to our
PPA.  So if you upgrade to Maverick (and re-enable our PPA), you'll
get SchoolTool 1.5.  If you'd like to do some testing with your real
data (always helpful to us), you can install Maverick on a virtual (or
real) server and copy your Data.fs over (from /var/lib/schooltool) to
the new server.

Most or all of the changes to 1.5 will also end up in an upcoming
maintenance release to Lucid, as there are not many significant new
(and thus potentially buggy) features in the new release -- it is
mostly bugfixes and refinements.  Much of the work the past six months
has gone into specific pilot deployments, and it will take a while for
some of those changes to find their way into the main distribution,
and into a big refactoring of timetables, which is not quite fully

Perhaps the biggest change is that for the next release we will be
hosting RPM packages maintained by OLE Nepal
(http://www.olenepal.org/), who will be testing SchoolTool at three of
their OLPC sites starting in October.