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Fwd: The SII: Draft


hiyas people,

as the poor admin guy, I'm trying to keep everyone in the loop here.

Basically, what has changed from the final draft to what is proposed is a
council of three, instead of a 'director'. There will be myself, Jacky and
Dante. Dante can interview and approve future members to the council, but
please do take the time to read that NONE of your ownership rights of your
own projects can be removed, and any person who wishes to claim their
project is more important than the others will be swiftlty dealt with. As
several teams share Dante, Jacky and myself - that is the final proposal.

Jacky and Dante have done an astounding job in such a short time, and I wish
to put on record my gratitude to both of them. We were looking at doing at
doing this over several months, not several days!

For those being feel we are being 'abandonded' by ubuntu as we move
upstream, can I once again assure you that whilst it was done far more
quickly than I would have liked, we have a new umbrella, commited to gpl v3.
We will continue to work closely with ubuntu accessibilty and all of the
ubuntu family, but we can now go out and kidnap more people ;) Practice your
ninja kidnapping skills, all teams are still their own teams - we can now
openly share people accross them. One small step for accesibility one
massive step for AI. After decades and hundreds, if not thousands of
projects that have faltered - We can do this.

Oh, and by the way - if you ask CensoredBiscuit, you can have a new kewl
email account to link to your existing ones.... <your-name>@thesii.org (Us
drones have been busy!)

Jacky will get the final draft out ready to be voted upon, but having gone
through it myself - it is a great document and with the final edit I asked
for I commend it to all teams.


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From: Jacky Alcine <jacky.alcine@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 25 February 2011 17:26
Subject: The SII: Draft
To: phillw@xxxxxxxxxx

This is a draft; not yet complete.

Jacky Alcine


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