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to all team members

this day was the final thing what made my decision clear.
i go resign from teamleader ship from speechcontrol .
i go give leadership to someone else.
but not to sii not to undifined.
not to daniel0108.
i already have someone who i am sure who will be able to lead this team and
have experience to with it.
by all the lies and hacking .
hacking the pc s from undifined and jacky
tried to hack my facebook account
where i had proof from who did this.
what nicely disapared when my yahoo mail was hacked after that.
and looked  like i was lying.
now to say i not telling the truth about what was happening in boedapest by
last was the last part what made my decision.
i not want to stay any longer part of speechcontrol and all attouched.
i have enough of all of this
this week i will talk with the one who i have in mind to take over
teamleader ship from speechcontrol.

greetings manuèla popping nickname on irc hajour

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