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Setting up developement environment


Note: All devs Please join speechcontrol-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
As we have decided to start with XChat plugin for inferno and inferno
talking IRC bot as initial task, we need to setup development
environment according to it.

You will need,
1. Xchat
2. gcc
3. pocketsphinx
4. sphinxbase
5. sphinxtrain

For how to setup development environment in your ubuntu follow this guide:

For pocketsphinx and sphinxbase add this ppa:
then do sudo apt-get update.
sudo apt-get install pocketsphinx-utils
sudo apt-get install sphinxbase-utils
sudo apt-get install sphinxtrain

Now download the source code of pocketsphinx from
Extract it and you will get all the header files including pocketsphinx.h

Xchat Plugin Sample:
To know how to add xchat plugin store the program given here
http://xchat.org/docs/plugin20.html in test.c and compile it with
gcc -Wl,--export-dynamic -Wall -O1 -shared -fPIC test.c -o test.so and
then copy the test.so file to ~./xchat2 folder.
To test it join any channel where you have +O flag, or just come to my
channel #abhijit I will assign temporary +O flag for testing. Then you
can test the autooping plugin. You can disable autooping by /AUTOOPTOGGLE .

Currently I am having lots of error while compiling sample program given
for sphinx here
http://cmusphinx.sourceforge.net/wiki/tuturialpocketsphinx once I
managed to compile it I will proceed further.

Thank you.
Abhijit Navale.
Mighty Monkey <http://abhijitnavale.blogspot.com/> | Ubuntu
<http://www.ubuntu.com/> | Free Software <http://www.fsf.org/>

| Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - Leonardo Da Vinci.

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