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As some of you may not be aware...

The rules for the google apps, free version have been stretched in order for
me to be able to get them, this does put some pressure on myself ensuring
that they are governed correctly. As they give so much capability for no
charge, there is always a requirement for the teams to uphold. Having a
super admin ensures you all adhere to the rules is one of them.

None of you have probably chatted to Derrick, but it is through him I am
arranging all of this.

*Super Admin?*


Derrick: If any team breaks the rules he will instruct me to remove them or
do so himself.
Me: If any team breaks the rules I will totally dis-own them and let them
rot. There is not a snowflake in hells chance of my accepting anything that
could cause him and his system of being there for teams to be risked.

Neither of us are allowed to be involved in how and who is / are your team.
Provided what you do is legal then, as admins, we are here to ONLY assist.
If at any time you are unhappy with such a structure you, as a team, may opt
out. You may retain the system at $5 per user per month.

Oh.. the rules?....

*$5 / per person / per month?* Yes, take a read of "

I'm still in awe of him being able to do that for the teams, he is a star of
the 1st magnitude and I will NOT allow such kindness to affect him and other
teams not associated with us.

I send this email in the absolute belief that none of you would ever break
the rules. Please do not read it as my doubting you, but I do have to offer
re-assurance to the guy who is doing so much for us all.

A reply from the team leaders saying "I agree" is all that is needed.