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A-Drive revisited


Hi all,

Just signed up today! I was hoping to be able to use Syncany with
A-Drive till I read the mailing list thread from a week ago...

However has anyone noticed that A-drive use an unencrypted HTTP
connection while you are logged in and for the file transfers. You can
switch off the JAVA applet to upload files if you want as well...

I don't really know what I'm doing - I've never written any networking
code and I've never developed a proper webpage!! But I thought perhaps
if I put in a day or two of work, with Wireshark, maybe I could produce
a working way to get files up automatically?
I might need some help to go any further though... I'll have a poke
about in the Syncany code but sadly C/C++ is my bag!!

50Gb of free/ flat cross-platform storage has got to be a honeypot worth
chasing! :-)

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