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ability to retrieve deleted file when syncany used as backup to s3?


I'm new to syncany and S3 both - please pardon my ignorance.

I'm wrestling with the idea of using syncany to drive backups. I'd
like to transition away from cron/rsync backup sets to a local server,
and move to syncany pushing updates to an S3 bucket.

>From my meager understanding of S3, a resource can be soft-deleted if
the client moves the resource to the Trash instead of issuing a rest
Delete operation directly on the file. Is this something that the
syncany-s3 plugin provides?

If not, am I better off turning on S3's versioning feature
(http://aws.amazon.com/s3/faqs/#What_is_Versioning) to have a complete
change history of deleted stuff?

For what it's worth, I had thought of doing home directory sync via a
git repo, but using syncany + S3 + S3-versioning may be the killer
replacement and let me manage fewer servers myself.

Thanks all for the intriguing project!

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