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Re: Gradle support (first tests)


Hi again,

I think the "fakeinstall" and the Eclipse code formatter issues are the two
> things keeping us from switching :-D Since Vincent is a Windows guy I'll
> help him research that a bit. :-)

the more I learn about gradle, the more amazed I am about what it can do.
Simply adding "apply plugin: 'application'" to the top of the gradle file
(and a mainClassName) allows us to use "distTar" and "distZip" tasks which
create distributable TAR or ZIP archives, including a corresponding Windows
batch file and a Linux shell script. This is pretty awesome.

Combing that and the following tasks can re-create our fakeinstall task:

task fakeuninstall {
    new File("/usr/local/bin/syncany").delete()
    new File("/usr/local/bin/sy").delete()

task fakeinstall(dependsOn: fakeuninstall) {
    ant.symlink(resource: "${buildDir}/syncany", link:
    ant.symlink(resource: "${buildDir}/syncany", link: "/usr/local/bin/sy")

Obviously the paths still need to be adjusted ... But that'll definitely
help Vincent, I think.


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