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Re: Roadmap?


Hello again,

I've added a draft roadmap here. Additions, corrections and comments are
welcome: https://github.com/binwiederhier/syncany/wiki/Roadmap

Indeed, but what about early releasing something for alpha testing by
> volunteers? Also, the cleanup is going to be _very_ difficult to get
> right because of the lack of proper locking primitive (I'll come back to
> this in another email, this might be long).

I've moved the cleanup in the roadmap to 0.2, but I really wouldn't
consider Syncany functional without it.

But if you want acceptable
> performances, you must do that in the long run because if you don't,
> syncany will never reach the 1 million files I'm looking for ;-)

Also, I've moved this to 0.2, we can mark some features as "experimental"
and focus on other things first.

Does it simulate _eventual consistency_? Because S3 is really
> unreliable: it can reorder your writes which is super annoying. As far
> as I know, the only way to implemented some kind of reliable locking
> above S3 is to use the simple queue system.

It simulates whatever you want to. You specify failing TransferManager
operations via regex patterns. Here is the only example:


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