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Re: Gradle (what's missing?)


Hi Vincent,

Looking great! I see you also started with the GUI. I'll comment in your
GUI thread.
(for everyone else: I'm referring to Vincent's code here:

> 1/ Dedicated task(s) to create installation package. I'm currently
> integrating izPack plugin to gradle to be able to package the application
> to a .jar executable file.

izpack is just for Windows, right? Or at least: For Debian/Ubuntu, I'd much
rather have a *.deb package. There are a few gradle plugins that can do
that, but I haven't found a truely good one. We don't have to do it all at
once though. :-)

Regarding the izpack stuff: it looks like you packed this in the main
gradle file, but it's only relevant to the gui/cli package, right?
Shouldn't it be in the build.gradle of the cli/gui package?

2/ Launch tests via "gradle test"

Ah right ...

Is there a way to tell gradle which tests to run, because I have a couple
of helper suites in there for different configurations. I'm talking about
AllTests, AllTestsExceptLongRunning,
AllTestsExceptLongRunningWithEncryption which would (if they are all run)
take ages ...

So if possible, I'd say something like "gradle test" runs the
AllTestsExceptLongRunning, and there are maybe extra tasks for the long
running stuff ?!

> 3/ Management of version number ==> done (commit tonight)


> Distribution plugin is under dev .... may be used when it's finished.
> Main differences are version number management / custom versions
> management (ie. dev version, test version, prod version, **ix version,
> windows version .....).

Alright then, good to know. Let's stick to the application plugin for now.