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Re: Syncany GUI



Le 10/12/2013 21:50, Philipp Heckel a écrit :
>> That's also my impression, but note that SWT is based on GTK on
>> linux and GTK tends to loose momentum currently.
> I google'd a bit and a few people seem to think that. However, I
> don't see this as a big issue. There are so many GTK-based
> applications, and on Linux, GTK stuff looks the best IMHO..

Recent QT things are really nice, in my opinion ;-). Anyway, my
objection was a bit dumb because the main reason why developers are
moving from GTK to Qt is that GTK is generally ugly on windows and on OS
X. But SWT uses native components everywhere so it's immune to this
problem by definition. Sorry for the noise...

>> Well, what about a more declarative approach to GUI, as in Apache 
>> Pivot (https://pivot.apache.org/)? This is supposedly the cool
>> thing in JavaFX (the declarative aspect) and it is also quite
>> similar to Android GUI programming.
> I've looked at Apache Pivot and the demos look nice. However, it
> looks far from a native application.


> I really like the GUI to look native because whenever I have to
> choose an application, I immediately tend towards the "native"
> looking application. Maybe it's just me, but I think users tend to
> what they know and like...

You are right, many people prefer native looks (I agree in general).

>> Under linux, we might want to use dbus. The Java support is not
>> perfect, but it's a really nice system.
> It probably is, but we should use something that's cross platform
> and can also be used via other frontends or remotely.

Of course, but I think it would be nice to allow the possibility for
optimized specialized implementations. I know for sure that the Java
watch service is super basic compared to linux inotify. As there is a
java-inotify implementation, it would be a great bonus under linux to be
able to inject it instead of the standard service. But that for version
3.0 ;-)



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