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Re: Syncany GUI


Hi Fabrice,

> That's also my impression, but note that SWT is based on GTK on linux
> and GTK tends to loose momentum currently. 
I google'd a bit and a few people seem to think that. However, I don't
see this as a big issue. There are so many GTK-based applications, and
on Linux, GTK stuff looks the best IMHO..

> As far as I know, you have to ship platform specific binary parts.
> This can be a pain. 
Depends: As mentioned in the other post, it's shipped with the swt.jar.
Let's see what Vincent finds out :-)

> Well, what about a more declarative approach to GUI, as in Apache
> Pivot (https://pivot.apache.org/)? This is supposedly the cool thing
> in JavaFX (the declarative aspect) and it is also quite similar to
> Android GUI programming. 

I've looked at Apache Pivot and the demos look nice. However, it looks
far from a native application. I really like the GUI to look native
because whenever I have to choose an application, I immediately tend
towards the "native" looking application. Maybe it's just me, but I
think users tend to what they know and like...

> Under linux, we might want to use dbus. The Java support is not perfect,
> but it's a really nice system.
It probably is, but we should use something that's cross platform and
can also be used via other frontends or remotely.


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