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Re: OpenStack Swift as a back end storage ?


Le 26/12/2013 15:02, Philipp Heckel a écrit :
Hello again,

oops. Some Gmail shortcut apparently sent the mail.

We're using the JetS3t library and I'm not sure if it supports anything other than S3: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/jets3t-users/mLlSH_gdeFk/2elriPvdgOcJ

I'm not really happy with JetS3t anyway. Maybe we'll switch to a different library at some point. However, right now, I'm not focussing on plugin compatibility, but on the core itself. We first have to make a stable core before we can focus on plugins. You are very welcome to fork the project and contribute your changes. Plugin development is reeeaaaly easy!
I am system/network guy ;-), I only use scripting language like bash/perl/python, never used java, and unfortunately no time actually to start learning it.
But, I could help for documentation, testing, and Debian packaging/hosting.

I think it could be *really good* for Syncany to become more popular in the opensource community, it could give a big boost in term of people supporting the project. As someone said, with all the features Syncany have/will have, the project is huge, the job need to be slitted in small pieces, the smaller they are the better it is.

OpenStack project is actually growing very very fast, this is "the open source cloud". A lot of people are actually testing it, using it, deploying it for public and private cloud, and thus looking for a good "cloud client" as Syncany seems to be. I am sure that, excepting for my personal needs, providing the compatibility to other object storage (which seems easy by your words ;-) will attract people.

Just my 2 cents.

Anyway, I will try to provide some packaging for .deb distro.




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