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Re: OpenStack Swift as a back end storage ?


Hello Cedric,

*1. More popularity:* The project had quite some popularity back in 2011 --
flash crowd-like hype. While that was very flattering and people realized
how awesome the idea is, it wasn't good at the time. People believed that
it was ready to run and they wanted to help. At the time, however, nothing
was ready and I overestimated how much organizing and delegating is
necessary to run such as project. This entirely kept me from coding...
which is obviously not good.

I guess what I'm saying is: The project stability and setup is much, much
better now and it'll soon be stable enough to pull more people in. However,
I don't think that time is quite there yet. I'll make another "round of
marketing" once we've reached this point. Current planning is Q1/2014 -- so
not so far away!

*2. Debian: *Debian packaging would be great. There are a few Gradle Debian
packaging plugins, but I've not had any success with any of them. The
structure of the deb package should be really simple and the "gradle
distTar" task can be used as orientation. You can see the output here:

Example structure (mapping from "distTar"):
- lib/* --> /var/lib/syncany/lib/*
- bin/* --> /var/lib/syncany/bin/*
- bin/syncany --> symlink to /var/lib/syncany/bin/syncany