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Re: Introduction


Hello Pim,

Since I just submitted a pull request for the second time and since I'm
> hoping that won't be the last, I figured I should introduce myself.

Nice to meet you! Always good to have more bright minds on board :-)

> If you feel there is a particular TODO that seems suitable to get to know
> the system, feel free to let me know. In addition, if there are any
> math-heavy problems lying around I could try and take a look at those.
> Finally I would like to express my appreciation for your work so far, I
> feel it is relatively easy to read compared to some other projects I have
> looked at.

It's definitely great that you're tackling the TODOs, especially since
you're apparently not choosing the easier ones! In terms of larger tasks,
there's always the TODO list here:

However, if you're more interested in the core algorithms (which from what
you have concentrated so far I think you might be), I'll do some thinking
how you can help here.

As you might know, the "last missing bit" for a first alpha/beta release is
the ability to run for a long time without running into resource issues
(mainly RAM, and also CPU). That's why I'm mainly working on replacing the
XML-to-POJO approach (keep data model in memory) with a SQL based backend
(based on HSQLDB). Once this is done, we'll be implementing a cleanup
mechanism to get rid of old database version and file versions.

I guess what I'm saying is that for now, the main goal is to facilitate
efficient indexing and syncing even if we've synced many many times before.
Anything you can do in this direction is great -- but it's also much
appreciated if you do other things, of course :-)


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