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Re: Syncany Daemon / Gui



On Friday 21 February 2014 00:26:05 Philipp Heckel wrote:
> Hi Christof,

> For example for sharing data via torrent a seeding-process is needed

> > that runs the torrent library. It would be great if plugins could hook
> > into that daemon and have a custom method run in their own thread inside
> > that daemon.

> > How do you feel about plugins being able to register tasks at the daemon
> > process which will run them?

> Yes, I think that's a good idea. However, that goes beyond what we have
> today. What this means is that some of the code would actually live outside
> the WatchOperation -- which means that the particular plugin will only work
> if it is used with the daemon, and not in regular CLI mode.

> From the top of my head, how about something like this:

> In the daemon:
>    for each plugin in used by the daemon:
>      if (plugin.daemonRequired()) {
>         plugin.startBackgroundThread(this); // this = listener
>      }
>      ...

> > It is not clear to me how signalling could be achieved in that situation
> > or even how Exceptions should be handled. Should the daemon handle them?

> Communication should be done with regular listeners between the
> WatchOperation code and the background thread. Exceptions can be wrapped in
> messages and passed along. Not very elegant, but hey ...

Since we are brainstorming already... Shouldn't the gui be a plugin
too and just register tasks in this daemon process? If that works, then
the daemon could be implemented in a generic way and it would not matter
if the plugin is a gui or not. The daemon would just provide an empty
process environment where threads can be executed.

Of course that would mean significant change to the current daemon.


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