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Re: Syncany Daemon / Gui


Hi again,

sorry it took so long...

Since we are brainstorming already... Shouldn't the gui be a plugin
> too and just register tasks in this daemon process? If that works, then
> the daemon could be implemented in a generic way and it would not matter
> if the plugin is a gui or not. The daemon would just provide an empty
> process environment where threads can be executed.

I'm not so sure this is so easy to achieve. That kind of abstraction takes
a lot of brainpower to achieve and I'm not sure that it makes things
easier. We decided to split GUI and daemon into two JVM so that we could
easily add/remove frontends or run in headless mode -- which is necessary
for servers or if we run the backend for a web frontend.

However, as I mentioned above, I agree that it would be beneficial to have
an environment to run threads in.

> Of course that would mean significant change to the current daemon.

Feel free to implement a PoC. Maybe I'm just wrong here :-D