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No endless versioning: check!


Hello everyone,

just a quick update on the progress: As you might or might not know, a few
months ago we started to implement a SQL-based backend. While that was a
lot of fun, we didn't just do that to have a quick laugh. The need for a
SQL backend arose from the need for a "cleanup" functionality -- basically
something that makes sure that we can (if we want to) wipe old versions
from the repository and free up some storage space.

After such a long time, I am very happy to "announce" that this function
(while still a bit unstable) has been finally merged into the master. As a
default, the function keeps 5 versions of each file and removes deleted
files immediately. At a later stage, we'll allow a time-dependent cleanup
(keep files for X days) or maybe even space-dependent cleanup (delete old
versions if X MB are reached).

>From my point of view, the Syncany CLI (v0.1) is now feature-complete. In
the next month, I'll try to make it ready for a first alpha/developer

Among others, that'll also include:
- Removal of non-core plugins
- Lots and lots of code review
- Lots and lots of tests
- Long term testing on my machine
- Improve the CLI user experience (no Java stacktraces!)

If you feel like supporting us, try the code, report bugs or buy me a
coffee [1]


[1] https://flattr.com/thing/290043/Syncany or

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