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Re: No endless versioning: check!


Hi Philipp,

On Friday 28 February 2014 00:15:06 Philipp Heckel wrote:
> Hello everyone,

> just a quick update on the progress: As you might or might not know, a
> few months ago we started to implement a SQL-based backend. While
> that was a lot of fun, we didn't just do that to have a quick laugh.
> The need for a SQL backend arose from the need for a "cleanup"
> functionality -- basically something that makes sure that we can (if
> we want to) wipe old versions from the repository and free up some
> storage space.
Do we have the infrastructure yet to enrich the metadata such that
previous multichunks can be re-created? Because it would be awesome to
be able to do that on the fly for the torrent protocol. This would
improve the storage-requirements for the torrent plugin.


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