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More test cases & fixing failing tests


Hi everyone,

as you might or might not know, my goal still is to release a first
developer release within the next month or so. To do so, I'll focus on
creating more test cases and fixing the immediate issues that arise from
there. And I'll be extracting the non-core plugins to separate
repositories, so that for now, only local, FTP and WebDAV will remain.

For everyone who'd like to help, here are a few things that need doing:

*1. Fixing the exiting, failing bugs:* There are still a few bugs in the
existing tests. Some of them just fail in Travis, but I'd like them to also
succeed there:

@Vincent: Can you fix the FTP-specific bugs? The SFTP bugs are not as
important, because we'll externalize that anyway. However, it'd be great to
have them fixed and working as well.

@Pim: You are my guy for strange bugs. I have no idea why this fails --
some timing issue maybe.

*2. Writing new tests: *Unfortunately, I haven't set up coveralls.io yet,
so seeing the Coverage is not as simple as it should be. For the
uncovered/undercovered code parts as well as for the uncovered cases, we
definitely need more testing. *If you want to help, please help us write
more tests! *Eclipse/EclEmma shows the following graph when I execute all
the tests in syncany-lib (see attachment)

Best & thanks,

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