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Re: threading-improvements branch landed in trunk/


Does anyone know how good SQLLite is at storing blob data?  I.E. would the
columns for metadata be stored in the same place as the note contents?

I thought it might be worthwhile to store the actual note contents as files
on the system with the metadata in the database.

Otherwise I will be so happy if we can get this working!

On May 29, 2009 8:07 AM, "Sandy Armstrong" <sanfordarmstrong@xxxxxxxxx>

On my g1, will write more later.

Think saving note data in db with fields corresponding to rest api fields
might be best bet. Fast, and perfect for sync. Would be a hit if you
imported note files directly, but on avg think it would be worth it.  Then
you woulfd only have to parse content on note display (note that title
removed from content in rest api). Thoughts?

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