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Re: [Snowy] Snowy/Tomboy on the iPhone [Previously: Re: Setting Snowy Up.]


The story is the same on android, last time I checked there were no Rich
edit input, we would have to do our own..

What I intended to do actually was to support a minimal wiki-style syntax to
achieve the richness.

Viewing a note, you press menu Edit then you get to a standard textedit but
with the note displayed using this markup (like *bold*, /italic/, * bullets,
etc). Save the note and get back in viewing mode with the richness.

I can foresee a lot of problems going that route but I think its the best

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On Aug 14, 2009 8:02 AM, "Brad Taylor" <brad@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


[Ed: Sorry for the slightly OT topic, but I believe it is of interest to
a few people on this list.]

> But With Snowy + Tomboy = Total Domination.  :)  In fact Id love once
> things are stable / release for Snowy  Id love to make an iPhone App,
> so you could send and store pictures with your notes and such from the
> iPhone.

Are you very familiar with the iPhone platform?

I've looked into this a bit recently, and it appears that there is _no
way_ with stock controls to provide editable rich text.  UITextView can
be edited, but style can only be set for the whole control, not just a
run of text, and UIWebView (WebKit) is not allowed to be editable.  The
only way to allow both seems to be to write a custom editing control.
Do you have any ideas how to solve this?

In general, I'd much prefer being able to use contentEditable via Snowy
like we do for desktop browsers, but neither Android nor the iPhone's
browsers support it, so we'll have to create custom apps for both
(thankfully we already have Tomdroid on Android) to allow editing.



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