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Snowy synchronization branch


Hi list,

I'm currently trying to have Tomdroid synchronize with Snowy. I've set
up a branch at https://code.launchpad.net/~benoit.garret/tomdroid/web-sync
which contains the work so far. I've reached a stage where things are
testable, meaning a bit useful but still not ready for the everyman.
It is not doing any synchronization per se, but it fetches all remote
notes and inserts them in the tomdroid database. As notes currently
aren't editable, I don't think we would benefit from much more than
that at the moment.

If anyone is interested and is willing to download, compile and test,
I'm open to feedback and suggestions about code, bugs, UI design,
features or whatever you think could be useful. I would also be happy
to help if someone has a problem setting up a local instance of the
snowy server to test the code.


Benoît Garret

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