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Re: Web sync branch hurdles


On Sun, Nov 15, 2009 at 11:20 AM, Stuart Langridge
<stuart.langridge@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Stuart Langridge wrote:
>> Benoit Garret wrote:
>>> Syncing with U1 now works (for me) but more feedback is welcome ;-) .
>> Ah, man, really? That's wonderful. I need that, like, now :)
>> How do I build this thing? I've sort of got an Android SDK because I was
>> doing some phonegap hacking, but I'm not very good with this stuff (and
>> I hate Eclipse so I'm not installing it ;)) I thought I could just do
>> "ant debug" to build an unsigned apk, but I don't have a build.xml...
> Anyone who can get it built and who wants to post an apk that I can
> install will receive some sort of beer incentive ;-)

Please don't share this publicly outside of this list.  The only
difference from what's in Benoit's branch is one minor change to
always use OAuth 1.0a (untested with Snowy), and I built against
Android 1.6 because that's what I have on my G1.


I just tried it on my G1 and it is working, and performance and sync
speed are MUCH better than in the emulator I was using this morning.

Follow these steps:
1. Download the link, install the apk
2. Open Tomdroid
3. Dismiss the welcome message
4. Menu, Settings
5. Sync service should already say "Snowy"
6. Set the server to https://one.ubuntu.com, then authenticate
7. Browser will open...log in to Launchpad, then add the computer
8. You will be returned to Tomdroid
9. Dismiss the welcome message again
10. You should now see a "Sync" action when you press the "Menu"
button.  Press it
11. After a short delay, your notes should appear

If this doesn't work, I have absolutely no advice on debugging it.  :-P


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