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Re: Looking for a driver for the next few releases / months


Hi Sandy,

> >      * switching from Launchpad to GitHub
> Is this really necessary?  Switching code/bug/wiki hosting is a giant
> pain for maintainers, developers, and users.  What if the next person
> says "hey I prefer hg and bitbucket, let's move there"?
> I too am a git freak and live in github, so I wouldn't mind if this
> change occurred.  But changes like this should be a community decision
> based on more than one person's personal bias.

You are quite right with this objectives. I definitely think my
bzr/launchpad disliking is a personal problem of mine but it had not
kept me from contributing. I know the migration would take much time
which may be better invested in coding new features.

On the opposite I strongly believe in good tools and think my
maintaining time would be much better invested when I can use git and

Best regards,


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