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Next: Two-Way-Sync?


Dear Tomdroid Coders,

the 0.4.1 release makes Tomdroid really usable and many people like it,
as can be seen by the Android Market ratings and comments.

I would suggest to heavily focus on two-way synchronization
(https://bugs.launchpad.net/tomdroid/+bug/549647) for the next release.
Much work as been done on the two-way-sync branch to enable basic
syncing forth and back. Because I consider this code as "mergable" into
master somebody should takle "Formatted Note Editing"

Also we should consider background syncing as one of the next big code
changes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/tomdroid/+bug/549646. Of course
there are many other open tickets which would befit from contributions.

What do you think? Who is interested in which tasks?

Best regards,


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