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Are we really reading our emails? I guess not :)



Again, I an not happy with the way this project is heading. I decided not to sleep last night and registered many blueprints which I consider 'very' important. Yet, everyone is busy with tasks 'much less' important than the ones with HIGH Priority.

I am puzzled. What is going on?


While I have asked to use either the blueprint or the mailing list, now, there is another channel involved, that is the forum.

I was super excited about this project. If truth to be told, I am feeling bad day after day.

Do I have to step down? :P

I will give it one more try. I will try to create a youtube video to explain some basic yet very important things that we should be aware of.

I got the very long email but no way I can manage to read it all. I am so sorry. Any way to make that shorter? KISS, maybe?

We have agreed that you take a rest because your health is getting worse and I will never allow this to happen. I do hope you are enjoying real life now, my friend :)

Just got your email regarding the attachment.
Could we please forget about the forums and use the mailing list for now? I think it is very easy to add a link here or an attachment? or just add that to both facebook and google+ where most of us are there? at least, the active of us are there on Google+ and Facebook? until we settle down and finish the basic stuff?

I didn't have the time to see your posts on the forums as I was busy trying to do some stuff on the forum and it seems I gave hard time to our poor server :D

How about you listen to your bad leader for once? :D
Please, I have sent so many emails, important emails but you are ignoring me or ignoring these important emails and focusing on less important stuff????!!!

Seriously, what is doing on? am I really a bad leader? is there something wrong?
Why we can't do things correctly here?

Moment of truth:
1- https://blueprints.launchpad.net/torios/+spec/torios-team-structure
2- https://blueprints.launchpad.net/torios/+spec/forum-vs-mailing-list
3- https://blueprints.launchpad.net/torios/+spec/team-communications
4- https://blueprints.launchpad.net/torios/+spec/torios-logo

Unless these 4 blueprints are completed successfully, understood and super clear, I shall NOT approve anything from this moment :)
I have sent many emails about this yet all got ignored :(

And, to my surprise, everyone seems so interested about #4 and ignoring the rest :D

#1 has been marked as good progress.

What about #2 and #3?

Again, I shall not approve anything unless everyone to confirm he/she has ready, understood and edited these blueprints with +1 which means he/she has agreed to these and will follow these.

Sorry but this is how I'd like to carry on with this project. I can't carry on if things will remain this way.

I have been super clear and honest from day one. I have informed you all that I do have other tasks to do. Guess what? I couldn't do anything for Ubuntu GNOME nor StartUbuntu nor my real life nor noting except wasting my time fixing basic yet important things here :(

Am I overreacting here? maybe.
Am I burned out? OH YES very much!
Am I interested to carry on with this project? seriously, I can't if things remain messy like this.

Sorry again. I know you may hate me but better now than later. I can't go on with this unless we all agree to follow one system.



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