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Re: ToriOS and lightweight applications


Nio wrote:
>I think you will be very welcome in our small ToriOS community :-)

Thanks.  That sounds great.

Israel wrote:
> We have stuff on both github and launchpad.  I'm Israel- on github

I did see your github archive.  Liked your FLTK applications there.  One
of the things that looked interesting about ToriOS was its use of FLTK
programs.  I think I downloaded fladduser
but didn't have time to look through the code.  Looked like a really
useful program.  I like that it's written in C++ with FLTK rather than
being written in an interpreted language like some other options out
there.  It should work a lot better and be more responsive on low resource

I started putting some of my patches and build scripts online.  You can
find them if you follow the archive link on this page:

As far as FLTK based programs, I think I've only uploaded the build
scripts and patches to rendera (graphics program) at this time.  Some of
the patches were written by me and some were written by one of the FLTK
developers.  I've been investigating which FLTK programs will work with
the new FLTK 1.4 coming out.  I've also patched several older Open Source
FLTK programs to get them to work with the current version of FLTK (like
flcalc, fltkmm, fltdj, xdiskusage, apcstudio, etc.)  I'm also adding SDL
2.x support to some of the SDL 1.x programs I use.  Will be uploading more
build scripts and patches as I have time.

At present, I'm mainly interested in useful, lightweight, cross-platform
FLTK, SDL, console and pdcurses applications.  I'm using pdcurses with a
SDL (1.x or 2.x) backend.  I've also been looking into using SDL and FLTK
applications in framebuffer mode for better performance on low resource
hardware.  I'm experimenting with SDL using DirectFB and FLTK with nano-x.
 I prefer cross-platform applications when possible because we use Windows
at work.  It's nice to be able to run the same software at work and at

Would be interested to hear more about what you're working on with
fladduser and what you want to change.
I like the Open Group reference when I look up POSIX related functions:
If you're interested in the kernel level, check out the musl C library and
how it implements some of the standard C and POSIX functions.
I definitely hope to look through the code for fladduser when I have some
more free time.  Would also be interested to hear about some of the other
lightweight programs you or other ToriOS users/developers are working on.

If you run across other interesting lightweight applications or currently
have some favorites you want to share, would love to hear about them.