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Re: [Torios-dev] ToriOS 2.0 background


Den 2018-04-03 kl. 23:21, skrev Israel:
On 04/03/2018 11:36 AM, Nio Wiklund wrote:
Den 2018-04-03 kl. 15:55, skrev Israel:
On 04/03/2018 02:34 AM, Nio Wiklund wrote:
Den 2018-04-02 kl. 19:24, skrev Israel: ....

Hi Israel,

Yes, it is a good idea generally. But if including 3 images will make
the size exceed some size limit, it is better to have only one image
in the default package (the tarball).

Best regards

Hey Nio,

The size of the original current background is 187.3 KiB

The size of the 3 smaller images is 107.8 KiB

So we are actually saving 80(ish) KiB by changing to this.  I think this
is really good because it offers more backgrounds, and reduces the size.

Aside from that changing the size by KiB is not going to do much, we
need to reduce it by MiB.  Systemd really made our footprint balloon
pretty substantially, and make some things more complicated and not work
as well... but... it is what it is :)  I will again try to limit the
size of everything in the newer ISO, however I may have to dig deeper
and look for things that I can get rid of, and see if I can shrink the
tarball pretty substantially, OR

a.) rework the live system to be extremely bare bones (text only) for a
special CD sized ISO.

b.) make an ISO with the tarball NOT included so it can be kept on a USB
to install to keep it CD sized.

Hi Israel, and all toriosadores,

1. I am waiting for the opinions of you other toriosadores ... :-)

2. Instead of shrinking the tarball pretty substantially, I think your alternatives, a.) and b.), are better.

If possible, I think it would be best with a text only live system for a CD sized ISO file. But I have tested the alternative with a separate tarball (or separate tarballs) with the original One Button Installer, and if the user group people accept it, fine :-)

Best regards

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