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Re: [Torios-dev] ToriOS 2.0 background


Hi Guys,

Just a thought ; has anyone considered using SourceForge for the project files as a backup for Phil's personal server site which is not 100% available (as we have learned from the past)?  We would lose everything if Phil one day pulled his server for whatever reasons (apart from what we personally have downloaded and saved).

From: Nio Wiklund <nio.wiklund@xxxxxxxxx>
Sent: 12 April 2018 4:32 PM
To: Cinque Port Computers; Israel
Cc: Jack D. Trice; torios- dev; torios
Subject: Re: [Torios] [Torios-dev] ToriOS 2.0 background

Hi Jack,

*Only the tarball on USB and the rest of the Live iso file on a CD*

The other alternative (with a big iso file including a tarball) works on
DVD and USB pendrives and memory cards (that are big enough).

Best regards

Den 2018-04-12 kl. 17:05, skrev Cinque Port Computers:
> HI Israel et al,
> Can you clarify for me:  when you have mentioned storing a tarball on a
> USB stick for installation, are you talking about having the whole iso
> file including the tarball on the USB stick, or just the tarball on USB
> and the rest of the Live iso file on a CD?
> Thanks,
> Jack
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> *From:* Israel <israeldahl@xxxxxxxxx>
> *Sent:* 12 April 2018 1:16 PM
> *To:* Nio Wiklund; Cinque Port Computers; torios- dev; torios
> *Cc:* Jack D. Trice
> *Subject:* Re: [Torios] [Torios-dev] ToriOS 2.0 background
> Hi everyone
> (inlines)
> On 04/12/2018 05:05 AM, Nio Wiklund wrote:
>> Hi Jack and everybody else,
>> Answer/comment inline
>> Best regards
>> Nio
>> Den 2018-04-12 kl. 10:21, skrev Cinque Port Computers:
>>> Hi Israel, Nico,
>>> 1) I have no opinion one way or the other about the suggested
>>> wallpapers; I'm not very good at judging what is artistically
>>> pleasing one way or the other; although I will just say that a
>>> refreshed wallpaper maybe a good idea over the one we've had for a
>>> long while now.
>> I agree.
> Sounds like a consensus.  It is a good idea also because I shrunk the
> current image in size and now we have 3, rather than one, so I say lets
> do it.  We really probably have room for more too, so if we decide to do
> it again, I think one more can fit within the size of our old one.
>>> 2) Is it absolutely a requirement to still now produce a CD-sized
>>> iso?  If it still is, then can the tarball be removed and downloaded
>>> at install time?  Just a thought.
>> I am not sure, if there are still people who use (or intend to use)
>> ToriOS in computers that must be booted from CD. I think such
>> computers are 15 years old.
> I agree with that.
> I do think to avoid feature creep, etc... it is a great idea to continue
> to try to get it close to CD size.
> Plus we also want to take into account people with bad internet
> connections and costly ones as well.
> The less bandwidth we take the better!
>> It is possible to download the tarball at install time.
> It absolutely is, you can also install from a tarball on an external USB
>> But there should also be a bigger iso file with the tarball included.
>> It should be smaller than 1.8 GB with some margin for undersized 2 GB
>> pendrives (10-based gigabytes).
> I hope to keep it at 1 GiB as the max (and much smaller than that)
>> Best regards
>> Nio
> --
> Regards

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