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Re: Latest manual update


On 24/01/2019 12:34, Israel wrote:
> On 1/24/19 1:17 AM, Paul Sutton wrote:
>> HI Israel
>> Just a quick question re this at the bottom. I am probably missing a
>> step out with pushing things to github.
>> On 23/01/2019 22:45, Israel wrote:
>>> On 1/23/19 7:42 AM, Paul Sutton wrote:
>>>> Hi All
>>>> Just pushed the latest manual build to github. The nice thing about
>>>> Overleaf is everything can be downloaded as a zip file.
>>>> https://github.com/zleap/ToriosManualv2
>>>> Last night I copied and pasted the PCManFM short cuts in to the manual
>>>> as a table.  So that needs a little work and I am slowly making a list
>>>> of all the menu items and providing links to the respective webpages. 
>>>> So hopefully this will provide users with a reference to look for more
>>>> information on each of the various packages. 
>>>> It does seem however that documentation for many packages in the Free
>>>> software world is somewhat lacking or harder to find.
>>>> Regards
>>>> Paul
>>>> hey Paul,
>>>> I set the upstream "watch" file to look for any new releases.  You have
>>>> not made any releases at all.  Can you make them when you have a new
>>>> version?
>> How do I do that ?  at present I update the manual on overleaf, 
>> download in to ToriOSManualv2  and then git add, git commit and then git
>> push to github.  Am I missing a step out somewhere. Or do I need to
>> enable bazaar on the same repository?
>> So using
>> git add ToriOSManualv2.pdf  ToriOSManualv2.zip
>> git commit -m "added latest version <date>"
>> git push
>> Paul
> Hey Paul,
> Go to https://github.com/zleap/ToriosManualv2/releases
> That will show a button where you can create a release.  Only do a
> release when you are satisfied with the doc enough to warrant a release,
> though.

As this is a fresh re-write of the manual that so far has not got any
releases attached to it, I will create a release for it.  Then, from
time to time,  issue subsequent release, but in between that will still
do more commits and push(es) to the repository.

> Do you want me to create a PR (pull request) to give my changes to you?

Do you mean changes to the manual here ?

Problem is I have not figured out overleaf <> github integration ( I
should be able to save directly to git hub) however as it stands I am
downloading all the files as a zip and pdf, then pushing those, which
seems to work nicely.  Just means people can't collaborate as easily.
But if you want to send over a plain text file with changes I can just
copy / paste them in.

Hope this helps


> I built it and after a few tries I think everything is good to go!  I'll
> update my system and let you know how the upgrade went.
> This will only effect the newer version of ToriOS for now
Paul Sutton
Twitter : @zleap2018

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