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Re: Manual Update 3/4/2019


On 12/05/2019 20:14, ml@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> On Thu, May 9, 2019 12:03 am, Paul Sutton wrote:
>> The contributor shortage to free software overall is really holding
>> things back,
>> I found this on the Debian users list
>> https://whatcanidoforfedora.org/en#designexclamation
>> Maybe we need something similar to help with recruitment.
> That sounds like a great idea.  Tried the link and it didn't seem to have
> too many suggestions on how people could help.  If ToriOS does something
> like this, hopefully it'll have more ideas on how people can contribute. 
> Could definitely list areas like adding gettext style translations for
> languages (if the translations aren't already available for a program) and
> possibly having people with accessibility issues test and recommend how to
> make the system easier to use.  A list of software that might need
> patching/feature additions would be nice too.  Also, if anyone's looking
> for programs to perform particular tasks, people could help recommend
> software that might do the job.
> Would really like to see something like this added to the ToriOS site.

Good point,  people want to help but always ask how, problem is there
are so many areas but about 5/6 catagories of area,  this facility
allows that to happen without them being bombarded with technical
questions and not too many,   I get fed up after about 8-10 questions,

With ToriOS  In some ways we are asking: Do you have an old computer? -
Do you want an OS that will keep it going for a few years longer? ToriOS
is perhaps for you.

For these questions

Which gives them a starting point for introducing themselves,  and us an
idea of what they want, so an icebreaker.

For me I am OK at writing documentation getting the language and
vocabulary suitable for a particular audience is harder,  but once
something like that is written others can take over.

Could you write documents? no (move on to different sections
Can you proof read documention?
Can you write for non technical audience?
can you write for a technical audience?
can you translate for different audiences

so if translating (which would come up under different question
sections) is for that person we can then discuss with them where we need

lets discuss further and look at other examples, I am sure there were
two links for this, I just posted the fedora one but I wonder if there
are other projects with similar tools,


Paul Sutton
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