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Re: The Guide to Creating Your Accomplishments


On 01/05/12 16:05, Rafał Cieślak wrote:
I've just finished preparing a detailed guide concerning creating accomplishments, which aims to be useful for Accomplishments Contributors and third-party developers. I consider it complete. You can find it at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accomplishments/CreatingGuide.

I hope I have not missed anything. Please share your thoughts, and feel free to edit & improve it.

This is very cool :-)

One whiny thing: accomplishments don't necessarily *need* a script. There are really three sorts of accomplishments[1]:

* ones awarded when you do something not on your computer, such as Launchpad bug-filing (these obviously need a script to talk to Launchpad and see if you've accomplished the task) * ones awarded for doing something on your computer (such as beating Minesweeper) but which are checked for completeness by a script rather than by the application itself (which need the script, of course) * ones awarded for doing something on your computer (such as beating Minesweeper) which are awarded by the application itself

The third sort don't need a script; Minesweeper should, ideally, award you accomplishments itself rather than having a separate thing in the scriptrunner award them. Of course, there aren't any apps which do this yet, and so the separate-script technique is being used, but in a perfect world we wouldn't use separate scripts to do things that the application should be doing for itself. Do we want to encourage people to write loads of separate scripts, or should we be trying to get apps themselves to support the Accomplishments system?


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