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I refactored the ubuntu-accomplishments-web-editor project to
accommodate the new web gallery we're going to build. The project
doesn't do much yet, in fact most of the intended functionality is
missing, but it's a start.

The project url has been changed on launchpad to the more general purpose:

I created a new trello board for the initial task management:

I invited all the past web editor contributors to this new board, if
you want to join, please drop a mail to get an invite, I think all
members can invite new members.

The idea is, if you see an interesting task, just drag your name on it
and hack away! If you have better task ideas, just add it there, drag
your name on it and hack away! You get the picture. And when you're
done with a task, drag it to the top of the "Done" list on the right
(and submit your merge proposal of course!)

Janos Gyerik

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