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Re: "Sound settings" changes for Precise


On mar, 2011-10-18 at 16:29 +0200, David Henningsson wrote:
> (Sorry if you get this message twice; it was suggested to bring this to 
> the ubuntu-desktop mailinglist)
> Hi!
> The jack detection stuff I've been working with [1] during the Oneiric 
> cycle is currently somewhat half-baked. What's missing is some UI 
> changes to make this more user friendly.
> For me it's important to get this done during the Precise cycle, and 
> preferably as early as possible to get some feedback. For me personally 
> I consider this to be the second highest thing on my priority list (the 
> highest one will always be taking care of HWE bugs when they come up) 
> I'm happy to spend my cycles on it as necessary. I know a lot about 
> PulseAudio and how that part is supposed to work, but I'm not a trained 
> designer.
> As it stands, PulseAudio now provides sufficient information [2] for us 
> to have the possibility to revamp the Sound Settings UI to make it more 
> user friendly. This change was first discussed with Matthew Paul Thomas 
> in June (IIRC), then Harry von Haaren - a summer worker - took on first 
> making some mockups and later, started on an implementation. The 
> implementation was never finished, and I'm not sure how much of it can 
> be reused for "the real thing".
> Also, there is no reason as I see it to not trying to upstream it into 
> GNOME. I don't know exactly how to do that or who to contact about it.
indeed, the sound panel in g-c-c is waiting for a design that hasn't
been done yet. So that's why it's just the old PA settings panel ported
to GTK and with a couple of improvements (switches instead of check
boxes in the 3.3 version), but nothing really big. So yes, it's
perfectly upstreamable, but the design needs to go via the GNOME Design
team (not waiting for their approval, but using their infrastructure),
so the best starting point is: