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Re: Using alsa-info in apport


2012-05-10 08:02, Martin Pitt skrev:
David Henningsson [2012-05-09 18:06 -0700]:
Researched, and found: alsa-info.sh is shipped in the alsa-driver
source package, but currently no binary package. Out of the packages
created by alsa-driver, putting it into the "alsa-base" package
would make most sense IMO. That package is shipped everywhere.
Yes, I agree. That, or if you want to be really sure, libasound2. That
package already ships tons of non-SONAME specific files anyway (and
thus is not installable in parallel with other sonames), so putting
one more script there won't hurt much. But I guess alsa-base ought to
be available everywhere, too.
The other option is linux-sound-base. Those are the two binary packages that seem to be available everywhere, and that are constructed from the alsa-driver source package. Libasound2 is made from the alsa-lib source package, so it's not the same upstream tarball. Therefore alsa-base or linux-sound-base seems to be the two natural options.

// David