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Dropping the bluez-alsa plugin and socket API of bluez


Bluez is currently being refactored, and as part of that is dropping the socket IPC mechanism that the bluez-alsa plugin uses.

In addition; when enabling the socket API explicitly - which we currently do in a distro patch - that causes the bluez d-bus API not to work correctly with PulseAudio 2.99. This is IMO a bug in bluez, but according to Luiz, using the d-bus API with the socket API is not supported. And, they've already "moved on" and dropped the socket code from their git repo.

PulseAudio 2.1 however works with both the socket and the d-bus APIs of bluez.

So, my suggestion is that we
 * drop the bluez-alsa binary package
 * drop the patch that enables the socket API
* once that is done, continue the work to get PulseAudio 2.99/3.0 into Raring.

Any objections?

David Henningsson, Canonical Ltd.

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