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Re: Heads up, PulseAudio 2.99 changes in the raring bzr repo break flash in multi-arch.


On 12/05/2012 11:16 PM, Luke Yelavich wrote:
I tried to use flash with youtube the other day, and didn't get audio. I am running a locally built copy of the 2.99 prep work from the raring bzr branch. It seems that when the pulse config changes were synced with Debian, something was suttly broken somewhere.

I'll try and dive in and work out whats going on, but we really can't have this be broken.

Hi Luke,

I installed PulseAudio 2.99 from ppa:diwic/pulseaudio-testing, rebooted, and tried youtube. It played back through PulseAudio just fine (well, with one glitch in the beginning, but otherwise fine).

Maybe a pulseaudio verbose log can help understanding what's happening here?

David Henningsson, Canonical Ltd.

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