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Re: Pulse 3.0 and getting QA testing sorted.


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On 01/06/2013 11:55 PM, Luke Yelavich wrote:
Hi David, hope you had a refreshing break.
I'm about to talk to the QA community folks to get some pulse 3.0 testing done before we put it into Raring, but before I do, is there anything else you have queued for the pulses 3.0 package? I've already updated the bzr repo for 3.0. If nothing else is pending from your end, I'll pop it into the Ubuntu-audio-dev PPA and sort out the testing callout.

Here is the stuff I remember on the top of my head:

- Talk to Sjoerd about the multi-arch stuff, again: I think what I'm doing is right but I don't like us diffing from Debian in this matter. This should be fixing bug 1078543, but it would be nice with a confirmation that it actually does.

- There is a patch to 3.0 that needs to go in: http://cgit.freedesktop.org/pulseaudio/pulseaudio/commit/?h=stable-3.x&id=299e32b767ac60ddbaa747cd03c09b780e364637

- The webrtc stuff. Upstream really wants us to take it (for better echo cancelling), but it requires a MIR for webrtc. So I figured that I'd try it myself to see if I noticed any difference, but when I tried to get it running, empathy crashed (or malfunctioned in some way) so I couldn't test it. I'm leaning towards that we remove the webrtc stuff again until we actually get a demand for it. (Right now, there isn't even a bug for it, so it does not look like strong demand from our users.)

David Henningsson, Canonical Ltd.

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