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Ubuntu touch and audio on the nexus 7.


Resending, forgot to include David and the audio-dev mailing list.

Hey folks.
I've been playing around with pulse etc on the nexus 7, and can get audio working with the following changes:
* Disable the android audio system ALSA plugin, and its use in pulse.
* Change some mixer settings as shown in the attach UCM config file, although we need not use UCM, we could do the same thing with a Pulseaudio audio profile.
* Unmute audio in the indicator, one extra step needed for Pulse, again a proper audio profile should fix thissss.

I also filed bug #1198058 about the android audio system ALSA plugin causing multiple pulseaudio processes to be spawned, even if spawning is disabled in /etc/pulse/client.conf. I'm assuming that the android audio ALSA plugin works on other hardware, so it probably can't be backed out wholesale at the moment, but it would be nice to figure a way to back it out for the neuxs 7, so audio can work on touch images for that hardware.



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