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ubuntu-bugcontrol application: ~kamalmostafa


I, Kamal Mostafa, apply for membership in the ~ubuntu-bugcontrol team.

IRC: kamalmostafa

Thanks for considering me!


> Application
> 1. Do you promise to be polite to bug reporters even if they are rude
> to you or Ubuntu? Have you signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct? 

I have signed the Ubuntu CoC, and I do promise to be polite to bug
reporters (and everyone else) in all of my communications.

> 2. Have you read Bugs/HowToTriage, Bugs/Assignment, Bugs/Status and
> Bugs/Importance? Do you have any questions about that documentation? 

I have studied the documents, and I have no questions.

> 3. What sensitive data should you look for in a private Apport crash
> report bug before making it public? See Bugs/HowToTriage for more
> information. 

a. Core files (possibly attached CoreDump.gz).  The core file represents
the memory image of the crashed program, and may well contain sensitive
user data not plainly visible by casual inspection.  A user's core file
should never be exposed in a public bug report.

b. Potentially sensitive text strings in any stack traces (attached
Stacktrace.txt).  Function arguments displayed in an included stack
trace might contain private user data.  Such bugs should be left

> 4. Is there a particular package or group of packages that you are
> interested in helping out with? 

In particular, I expect to be very active with the Amateur Radio
packages, a subset of which are listed here:
I am an admin for the Amateur Radio related ~ubuntu-hams-devel and
~ubuntu-hams teams, and have fixing bugs in those packages specifically.
My intention is to triage or fix every one of the Amateur Radio bugs,
and bugcontrol privileges would be useful in that effort.

> 5. Please list five or more bugs which you have triaged. 

A summary of the changes I made to each bug are noted here.  Please see
my full responses in the bugs themselves.

rigctl/hamlib does not work with Icom PCR1000

    >> I reported the bug upstream to hamlib @ SF, with comment:
          Forwarded from Ubuntu https://launchpad... on behalf of (submitter)

    >> I set [Medium,Triaged] via micahg

    >> I registered new LP project 'hamlib' to be maintained by
       ~ubuntu-ham-devels, and discussed that in IRC with my co-admin
       for that team.

ssbd: post-installation script error

    >> I fixed the title (was "SSB crashes").

    >> I set [Fix Released] -- the package is now part of a different package.

    >> I would have set [Medium] importance if it were still a problem.

xnec2c crashes for horizontal polarization

    >> I fixed a typo in title.

    >> I set [Incomplete] -- asked submitter for Ubuntu version and repro details.

    >> I would set [Low] importance (pending submitter's response), since the
       problem is reported to be specific to a particular program feature and/or
       this particular input file.

xlog: qrz.com lookup fails - incorrect URL

    >> I fixed the title (was "Xlog ham radio logging program - error").

    >> I set [Low,Triaged] via crimsun -- easy workaround exists; problem had
       already been reported upstream.

gmfsk stops working: sound_read: read: Broken pipe

    >> I fixed the title (was "gmfsk stops working").

    >> I set [Incomplete] -- I cannot reproduce; asked submitter for Ubuntu
       version and repro details.

    >> Submitter later responded via email; I set [Invalid] per submitter's
       note that Karmic fixed the problem.

    >> I would have set [Medium] importance, had submitter re-confirmed the

Please add 'sox' to multimon Suggests: packages

    >> I fixed the title (was "sox dependence missing").

    >> I set [Fix Released] -- problem has already been fixed in Debian and Lucid.

    >> I would have set [Low] importance since the work-around is trivial.

    >> I linked to the Debian bug report.

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