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Re: Ubuntu Gaming Team - Relaunch



Am 08.07.2011 22:49, schrieb Lewis Cawte:
> I am writing to you to inform you of the relaunch of the Ubuntu Gaming
> Team, and to seek your advice on certain matters.
> Recently I have taken a leading role in trying to relaunch the Ubuntu
> Gaming Team, which had not seen much activity in over a year. On
> Tuesday, the 14th of June 2011, I started the first meeting of this
> relaunch, with a few members of the Ubuntu Community, and we discussed
> what we would like to do with this team, and talked about what comes
> next. I hope you can help us out with the latter.

Thanks a lot for helping to get the team back on track.

> Firstly, meeting logs can be found here
> <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GamingTeam/Meetings/IRCLogs/2011-06-14>, and we
> would like to know if signing the Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a mandatory
> requirement for team membership, if not, then we will not enforce this.

All contributors to Ubuntu are expected to follow the CoC. There's no
exceptions to this. If you make it a requirement before joining the team
is up to you, but it's a good idea if people sign it at some stage.

> Secondly, a rather important issue, what kind of position are we into
> restart this team. Its all very well us saying we want to relaunch this
> team, but what is the process for this? Do we have to apply some how,
> talk to the previous team leader or what?

In any case it's a good idea to talk to the previous team leader. Ubuntu
is very much a do-ocracy, so whoever puts efforts into solving a problem
should be able to do so. Communication with interested people (including
previous leaders) is important to avoid duplicated efforts and also
figuring out together what works and what doesn't.

> Another topic would be the position we are in over what we are able to
> change, in the meeting we discussed what we would like to change about
> the team, and one thing that came up was the goals and values of this
> team. We decided that we did not want to be a purely marketing and
> promotions team, but that we wanted to be a group of gamers that
> promoted gaming, not necessarily F(L)OSS gaming at the moment (because
> we decided that we needed more games available for Linux first, because
> Linux is not an established gaming market), but that we also want to
> package games, play them, and do a little bit of everything.

That sounds great to me. I think it should be possible to come up with a
"team mission statement" that's both broad in terms of activities and
focused in term of interests. This way you'll likely attract more people. :)

> The final thing I would like to know, is what is available from
> Ubuntu/Canonical in terms of support, funding and resources. We hope to
> have a team website, and some games servers to help promote gaming on
> Ubuntu, but of course, donations of server space, a domain name and
> bandwidth is needed for this, and we are curious to know if this can be
> provided straight from Canonical or whether it will be entirely
> community based.

I don't speak for Canonical here, but what I would suggest is to start
with your efforts for now, so you can better estimate what kind of
services you need, how much activity you expect and so on.

In the past we have seen many teams who requested a mailing list, a
server, a website, a forum and loads of other things and then got inactive.

> Thank you for taking the time to read this email,

All the best with the relaunch.

Have a great day,

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